by kto

I keep seeing this guy walking around my neighborhood in rush-hour traffic hawking things to the people stuck in their cars. And for weeks now he’s been carrying an enormous blow-up chair shaped like a Teletubby. Not one of the actual Teletubbies, mind you—sort of a blue Tinky-Winky, maybe, although the shape of his head-thing (oh language you are failing me again) is more of a parallelogram than a triangle. And I dunno I have been sort of obsessed with him/it? Like I actually sat down at one point and wrote a little vignette about it that I meant to be funny but which was actually just gross and sad—it included the line, “That’s what he was really selling—redemption, light blue and hollow inside”—seriously—I KNOW—which maybe means things are not All Clear on Kate Island? Or maybe I am a person of such natural gravitas and empathy that I cannot help but tap into ze Weltschmerz even when grasping for levity (I KNOW). Or maybe I am just Really Not Funny. Anyway. The point (hahahahaha no there is none PSYCH) is that today I saw him again and I was taking out my camera to capture this little slurp of copyright-infringement for all posterity but when I turned back around he was selling it! Like actually stuffing it through the open window of someone’s Datsun and taking some cash and walking away Teletubby-chairless. And then that car made a break through the gridlock and was gone, with the Teletubby chair, just driving away like a jerk with my blue hollow redemption to give it to their jerky child whom I will never see. So. ALL CLEAR I GUESS